Terms and Conditions of Service

These Terms and Conditions apply even though it may not be signed in hard copy.
Rate/Billing starts at scheduled pick up time. Your driver will arrive approximately 10 minutes early for the scheduled event. Once the driver arrives at the location for pick-up, there will be a quick meet and greet to discuss event information and to go over the rules, at that point he/she will have you sign contract for your trip.
Rates may vary depending on the event and season.

DEPOSITS ARE NON-REFUNDABLE. G-Limos require a 15% deposit to confirm your reservation. In the event of a voucher rental (I.E Living Social, GroupOn wine tour, ect) your voucher number is required to confirm your reservation. If any refunds are agreed to; the refund amount will be less a 3% merchant bank fee. All cancellations with less than 72 hours’ notice will be billed the total contract amount. Agreeing to the conditions as outlined below and the contracted rate as quoted and included in this agreement authorizes G-Limos to charge for service. Accepted payment form are cash or credit cards/debit cards, personal or company checks and net 10 day billing if approved prior to service commencement. We will ask for a credit card to keep on file securely for any damages that may occur in a cash transaction. Once payment is accepted G-Limos is authorized to charge for any damages incurred by the responsible party and/or any guest of responsible party.
Limousine Rules and Regulations

Child Safety Belts: G-Limos provides working seatbelts for all children under the age of 16. All children under 4’9” and 8 years of age should be in a child safety seat (car seat/booster seat). Parents and Guardians are responsible for enforcing these rules. If any child is not in seatbelt or child seat, G-Limos is not liable for any injuries that may occur.
Contract obligations: With my signature at the bottom of contract, I understand and agree to the length and usage along with any charges. I further agree to pay for any and all damages my party may cause during the rental periods. I also agree to the above Limousine Rules and Regulations. All damages are at the sole discretion of the driver. I understand and agree to pay the entire contract price if cancellation policy is not followed. The number of hours on the contract is the minimum hours agree to pay G-Limos.

Contracted Price: ___________________________________________________

Date(s) of Service:__________________________________________________

Total time of service:________________________________________________




If you are reserving a package or tour, click this link, Terms-of-Service, to view the terms of service in PDF format. Please print the document, complete the form at the end of the document, sign it and have ready for the driver at pickup. Thank you!